Column: When you’re struggling, ‘much love’ is all you need

By Julian Russell/Columnist

Call it being a senior, or perhaps it’s just life in general, but lately I have felt more stressed than I have in years. As I let the stress overwhelm me, I found myself becoming more difficult to talk to and I found myself participating less, both in and out of the classroom.

Today I was sitting at the doctors office—and no, I wasn’t there because of stress—where, as my mind wandered while I sat in the waiting room, I slowly felt myself overwhelmed with a calm that has been non-existent in my life for a bit of a spell now.

The calm came over me as I began to think of the words that my friend, who has now passed on, used to say to people in my shoes. “Much love.”

Whenever times glimmered a moment of heated words or aching hearts, Shane would say, “Much love brother, much love.”

I don’t think those words necessarily slipped my mind as much as they were just crated into a warehouse of mathematics and communications lessons. As I was sitting in his father’s doctor’s office, those words re-birthed themselves within my mind and cured my stress better than any medicine on earth could have.

I began to think of all the things in my life that made my heart ache and my mind stretch, and I simply thought: much love will cure all.

There will always be things we cannot change and where all else fails in life, love will prosper, love will shine its way through and love will keep us going.

There is no room in our lives for hate and sadness, and if you think that either are about to overwhelm your soul, reach out to yourself and say, “Much love, that is all I need.”

Two words have never had so much wisdom. If you would have had a chance to meet Shane’s parents like I have had the blessing and honor to do over the past few months, you would understand where such wholehearted wisdom and kindness comes from.

No two words exist that cannot be over-taught, over-stressed or over-exaggerated like “much love.” I would give my own heart to hear him say those words again to open ears, but I’ve found that an open heart and an open mind works almost as well.

To Con and Mary, I thank you for being the parents you are to have instilled the greatest of minds and hearts in the son that I did know and to the ones that I haven’t had the honor of conversing with. I know with the utmost of ease that the same exists within, for such greatness doesn’t travel that far from the tree.

When life gets you down and you feel like the bottom isn’t very far away, “much love” will keep you going, “much love” will live on and “much love” will keep the song of happiness alive in your heart.

Julian Russell is a senior communications studies major. He can be reached at 581-7942 or


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